What? You are NOT Googleable?!

If you aren't Googleable, then virtually you don't exist!
Own a piece of thread from the world wide web.
Are you planning to do a major career shift? If yes, don't do so until you are Google-able. This means, you must leave your social media footprint first on the vast internet sand.

Here's the deal, type your name in the Google search bar and wait for the search results. If something came up under your name or under your profile, then congratulations you have left your online mark! But if there's no website, no social networking profile, or even a single blog-related post, then you might consider making at least one.

Living in today's ever-advancing digital world, people --- employers, potential buyers or partners --- perform an internet search before calling up a potential new hire, supplier, or business partner. It is now an SOP to conduct an online investigation. These people believe that you don't exist if you don't have a social media footprint.

Here, let us help you out:
1. Smile. Click. Upload.
Say cheese! Give out your best smile. Upload your best head shot. The online community want to know or see who they are talking to. Make your photo friendly-looking, warm, and approachable.

2. Sign up at Linked-In
Before any social networking sites. Linked-In must definitely come first. It is the most essential for your career after all. "If you are looking to do anything in the professional world, Linked-In is where you need to be. Linked-In is the ultimate buyers' market," says Patrice Rutledge, author of Using Linked-In.
Connect with us at Linked-In: http://www.linkedin.com/in/webfocussolutionsinc

3. Create your website
Once you have built your very own professional network at Linked-In, it is now the best time to register your name or your company's name as a domain name and website. You might also consider adding a blog to your site. Blogs can help you talk about anything not related to your products or services. if you're experiencing difficulties with this step, don't hesitate to call WebFocus Solutions, Inc. We'll be more than happy to help you!

4. Sign up at Facebook
"It's all about figuring out what your intended  audience wants to hear, learn or know about." says Cathy Larkin, founder of Web Savvy PR. Your profile must cater to your target audience and target market. To do this, you must consider your keywords, and your domain name for your Facebook page [www.facebook.com/yourbusinessname]. Your domain name must also contain keywords to make you more searchable. Also try uploading photos and videos online and make it as interactive as possible.

5. Last but not the least, Twitter
"The key to Twitter is giving as much as you get, and listening as much as you speak." says Thomas MacEntee, the 48-year-old founder of High-Definition Genealogy. To start off, we must decide what's our key objectives in using social media. Do we want to have a new work opportunity or just to simply connect with others who share the same interest as we do? We must know our target audience, we must know how to talk to them and how we could reach them and how often do we do it.

Keep this in mind, social media is a marathon, not a sprint. You will get out of it what you invest in it.

Now, are you Googleable?
I am.

 When you see a website with stunning graphics and easy navigation, it must definitely be one of our masterpieces. It must definitely be one of our many website development flairs.

Need I say more?

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